Message Bus Integration

The lightweight collector publishes data about the network including information about BGP peers, routers participating in the openbmp protocol and sending data to the collector as well as parsed and raw BGP updates to the Kafka message bus. Developers can directly consume the data by subscribing to various Kafka topics. All the topics and parsed data formats can be found in the Message Bus Specification

The example below shows an opensource utility, kafkacat, subscribing to a Kafka topic, 'openbmp.parsed.unicast_prefix', to receive information about IPv4 and IPv6 unicast prefixes in the network-

Developers can create their own custom topic names instead of the defaults, like 'openbmp.parsed.unicast_prefix' above, by modifying the configuration file of the collector. In the example below, the topic name 'unicast_prefix' has been mapped to a new topic name 'ipv4_unicast'. The now publishes the data about unicast prefixes to this new topic name. Based on Kafka retention policies defined in the Kafka config, the old topic 'openbmp.parsed.unicast_prefix' will continue to persist and have old records about unicast prefixes.

The data published to kafka is tab-delimited, and easy to manipulate using well-known linux utilities like awk, or programmatically as well as easily ingested by various editors and databases. In case developers want to consume the data in json format (show of hands!) there are Python and Java libraries that convert the tab-delimited data into json format-