Grafana Analytics & Monitoring

You can use Grafana to interact with the state maintained data as well as the analytical and time series data in PostgreSQL.

This is a fully functional demo using live data from RouteViews.

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Top Prefixes

Visualizes prefix advertisements and withdrawals by router, peer, and prefix. This dashboard enables the operator by showing which routers, peers, and prefixes are causing the most noise.

Looking Glass

This looking glass shows the prefix over all routers and peers. This is unlike other looking glasses that only show the prefix over peers on a single router. This looking glass can be used to visualize a prefix over the entire or filtered set of routers and peers. RPKI and IRR validation is included.

Prefix History

Advertisements and withdrawals are logged in TimescaleDB. Every prefix change is recorded and can be visualized. Simply input the prefix and time range of interest. The complete history will be shown.

NOTE: OpenBMP removes duplicates caused by route-refresh and/or peer flaps. Changes will be shown only if the prefix was withdrawn then advertised or if advertised again with some attribute change. This is important because peers that flap or peers that see routes due to route-refresh do not result in additional logging.

The SQL query supports any level of filtering. The provided dashboards include:


RPKI and IRR validation is as simple as a JOIN query. This dashboard provides RPKI and IRR data statistics based on advertisements in the time range configured.


Inventory visualizes routers and peers. This includes router peer counts and peer rib counts.

HiJack/Leak Alerts

This application is currently in proof of concept.

Leak and hijack detection is a separate application that monitors the live BGP feeds. The alerts are based on Internet monitoring of new transits, upstreams, and origins for every Internet prefix. This detects 99.9% of leaks and hijacks with less than 1% false positives. Contact if you are interested in this or if you find a problem with it.

Live alerts are also in gitter. Check out Snas/alerts