SNAS Docker Install

SNAS Docker Install

Use these instructions to install SNAS using docker containers.

(Prerequisite) Platform Docker Install

If you already have docker installed on your host you can skip this step and go to Install SNAS Using Docker.

All Linux Distributions

Follow the Docker Install Instructions for your distro/platform. You should always use the latest docker version.

CentOS 6


CentOS 7 works fine by following the Docker Install Instructions, so they are not documented here.

The below are steps for how to install docker on CentOS 6.

# Add repo for docker package.  This works with CentOS 6.7 too
rpm -iUvh

# Define any proxies if you have them
export http_proxy=
export https_proxy=

# Install docker
yum -y install docker-io

# add the below to /etc/sysconfig/docker if you have proxies
export http_proxy=""
export https_proxy=""

# Start docker
service docker start 

Install SNAS Using Docker

Each docker file contains a readme file, see below:

Install SNAS Using docker-compose

As alternative to AIO docker image, Collector/Kafka/MySQL can be started up using docker-compose.

docker-compose up