SNAS UI Installation

SNAS User Interface (UI) Docker Install Steps

Before installing the UI container make sure you are running the latest db_rest, MySQL schema, and openbmpd. Get the latest at

The UI container includes:

  1. Ubuntu 16.04/Xenial
  2. CentOS 7/RHEL 7

Installation Steps

1) Install docker

Docker host should be Linux x86_64. Follow the Docker Instructions to install docker.

2) Download the docker image

docker pull openbmp/ui

3) Run the docker container

Memory Requirements:

Tomcat is configured to expect at least 1G of RAM.

Environment Variables:

Below table lists the environment variables that can be used with docker -e <name=value>

NAME Value Details
OPENBMP_API_HOST host or ip Hostname or IP address of OpenBMP API service. The default is localhost
OPENBMP_API_PORT port Port for the OpenBMP API service. The default is 8001

You only need to set the OPENBMP_API_HOST if you have installed the MySQL consumer or AIO container on a different host/machine.


 docker run -d --name=openbmp_ui \
     -e OPENBMP_API_HOST=localhost \
     -p 8000:8000 \


The default login is defined/set in the database in AIO or MySQL consumer container. The default is as follows:

Username: openbmp Password: CiscoRA

You should be able to login to the UI by accessing http://HOST:8000/


You can navigate all the log files from within the container. Connect to container using:

docker exec -it openbmp_ui bash

Or, you can use standard docker exec commands on host to monitor the log files. To monitor logs, use:

docker exec openbmp_ui tail -f /var/log/*.log
docker exec openbmp_ui tail -f /var/log/tomcat7/catalina.out

Or, you can monitor the docker container by getting the console logs. This is useful if the container exits due to invalid start or for another reason. To see console logs for collector, use:

docker logs openbmp_ui

System Start/Restart Config (Ubuntu 16.04/Xenial)

By default, the containers will not start automatically on system boot/startup. You can use the below example to instruct the container to start automatically.

You can read more at Docker Admin Guide on how to start containers automatically.


The --name=openbmp_ui parameter given to the docker run command is used with the -a openbmp_ui parameter below to start the container by name instead of container ID. You can use whatever name you want, but make sure to use the same name used in docker run.

 cat <<END > /etc/init/openbmp_ui.conf
 description "SNAS UI container"
 author ""
 start on filesystem and started docker
 stop on runlevel [!2345]
   /usr/bin/docker start -a openbmp_ui
 end script