PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB and Grafana

Wed, Aug 15, 2018

Available Now! Better network monitoring and analytics with PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB, and Grafana

PostgreSQL with TimescaleDB, RPKI, and IRR integration is available now via openbmp/postgres container

The openbmp/collector and openbmp/kafka containers should be used wtih the openbmp/postgres containers to provide an end-to-end BGP monitoring and analytics.

Grafana is the preferred visualization tool. Grafana enables collabration with dashboards and plugins without requiring much development experience. We encourge everyone to contribute new or updated dashboards and plugins via github pull requests. You can start using Grafana today with openbmp/postgres container by following the OpenBMP Grafana instructions.


At this time there is full support for IPv4, IPv6 unicast and labeled unicast address families. Soon to come will be L3VPN, Link-State, and EVPN.

Please Join the chat on Gitter to collaborate with others interactively.

OpenBMP collectors produce parsed/translated BGP messages to Kafka for many applications to consume. This follows the “produce once and consume by many” model.

OpenBMP included a MySQL (MariaDB) DB for analytics of the state maintained RIB’s and time series data. The MySQL consumer will remain for a while, but will only be sustained for bug fixes.

MySQL/MariaDB has served well for the past few years but it has the following shortcomings

PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB add the following new features

In addition to resolving the above shotcomings…

PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB add the following fixes